Even before she took her first job as a truck driver in 2016, Ellie O’Daire was drawn to the intersection between trucking and technology. “I played trucking video games and really enjoyed the trucking simulator. I thought: ‘Maybe I can actually do this for a living.’”

Once O’Daire got into the field — first as a company driver and later as a leased operator — she saw that many commercial vehicles were equipped with collision avoidance and other driver-assist technologies.

“Trucking has already been getting close to automation,” she said. …

Automated Trucks Powered By Plus’s Supervised Level 4 Autonomous Driving System

Our COO and Co-Founder Shawn Kerrigan had the chance to share the latest autonomous trucking updates on Shift Podcast hosted by Pete Bigelow from Automotive News (starting at 8:54) a little while ago. If you didn’t get to tune in live, check out some of the highlights below.

On rising demand for freight movement amid the pandemic: “More than 70% of everything we use every day is brought to us on trucks. The pandemic has brought home how important the trucking industry is to our overall economy and daily lives, and all the great work that goes on out…

How AI is shaping the world and being applied in autonomous trucking to revolutionize the freight industry, and where we are in the AI adoption curve

Plus CEO David Liu Speaks at Milken Institute’s 2020 Asia Summit

Plus CEO David Liu recently joined a thought-provoking panel discussion at Milken Institute’s 2020 Asia Summit — The AI Edge: Advancing Beyond Automation. Topics discussed included key real-world applications of AI over the next decade, status of AI implementation or commercialization, and more. Highlights below have been edited for brevity and clarity.

John Artman (Moderator): What is it going to take for AI to be something that’s there in the background like electricity? What’s the application that’s really going to make AI mainstream?

David: One thing that’s interesting about humans is that we are more cognizant of the quality changes…

Earlier this month, Plus COO Shawn Kerrigan joined FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller on a special episode of Fuller Speed Ahead as part of FreightWaves LIVE @HOME. In the interview, Shawn shared our approach to developing automated trucks, when it will be safe enough to deploy fully driverless trucks, and our learnings from working together with OEMs and fleet partners to develop and deploy self-driving trucks at scale. The following is a transcript of the interview with some edits for brevity and clarity.

Craig: Tell us a little about Plus and what you are doing in terms of the autonomous industry.

Takeaways From the Panel Discussion at The Information’s Live Video Summit

Our CEO and Founder, David Liu, recently joined The Information’s Live Video Summit — Preview of Global Autonomous Vehicle Industry in 2021 for a panel discussion with Artem Fokin, Head of BD at Yandex, Shauna Mclntyre, CEO of Sense Photonics, and Executive Editor of The Information, Amir Efrati, who served as moderator. David shared his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the global autonomous trucking industry, different paths to deploying Level 4 autonomy at scale, and how to bring driverless trucks to market safely. Below is a Q&A that captures excerpts of David’s responses.

Amir: Can you tell…

Letter from the Founders of Plus

Plus Automated Trucks

Plus was founded in 2016 to revolutionize commercial transport with self-driving trucks in order to create a safer and greener world. We believe automated driving technology has the potential to save lives, reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions, and power economic growth. As we have all seen during this pandemic, trucking is the engine that moves everything we use and consume in our daily lives. Our team of experts in automotive safety, self-driving technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, and product development is hard at work to bring the safest self-driving truck system to the world.

Today, we are releasing our first…

Plus Team

Enabling safer and more fuel-efficient commercial transport through automated trucks

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